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Tibetan spirituality and its unique cultural heritage have always captured the attention worldwide. After Dalai Lama’s exodus in 1959, particularly in the 1990s, after he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Tibetan Studies revealed on a large scale its own charisma to the researchers all over the world. As a response to the concern of His Holiness Dali Lama to promote the Tibetan studies in academic institutions in Taiwan, in August 2005 the University set up The Center for Tibetan Studies, the first academic unit on Tibetan issues in all the universities in the country.

Feature goals

This Center is affiliated to the Office of Research and Development. It aims to conduct both academic researches and applied researches. As Internationalization, humanitarianism and politics constitute the three main features of the Tibetan Studies, religion, history and linguistic studies are the three main fields of researches of the Center. In order to collaborate with experts nationally and internationally, the Center will organize symposium annually. To attract more people for the Tibetan culture, art and folklore, the Center regularly organizes colloquia and lectures with invited scholars, experts either from other universities or from abroad. In the future the Center will dedicate more to the preservation and promotion of Tibetan culture through the publication of works on Tibetan art, religion and medical sciences etc.


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